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Perserve your  life and history with words. 

This book represents the vast Italian community that is woven into the tapestry of Los Angeles. Over 568,000 Italian-Americans live in the greater Los Angeles area. Although the nuclear "Little Italy" has vanished the heart and soul of the Italian culture is still strong. Released in July 2007 and instantly a big success!

Marge Bitetti helps you to tell your life story. Only you know the lessons and values that you learned and the wisdom that you can be shared with family and friends.

These unique custom books are keepsakes for you, your family or your organization. Services include digitally recorded interviews, written and edited manuscript based on interview, graphic design of your story, scanning personal photo, layout and book production. All projects are custom designed. No project too big or too small. Editing services also available.

These personal histories are ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays, Anniversaries, Vacation Memories, new couples, new parents, and Memorial Tributes.

Norco, Images of America Series, Arcadia Publishing, October 2005

Norco's motto, "City Living in a Rural Atmosphere," is reflected in this town where horses trot down the street next to cars. Norco's history includes Hollywood stars and Rodeos. Over 900 acres in the center of the city has been home to the U.S. Naval Warfare Assessment Center since 1941. This book celebrates the history of the past with archival photos and historic stories

Early Santa Ana, Arcadia Publishing

The history Santa Ana dates back to the late 1800s. Today Santa Ana is a vital city with a population over 350,000. Marge Bitetti is a member of California Historic Society.

Early Santa Ana, Arcadia Publishing Spring 2006 (photo copyright Marge Bitetti)

Marge Bitetti joined efforts with co-author Guy Ball to complete this splendid history of Santa Ana, California. She was a long-time resident of Santa Ana. Located at the heart of Orange County just 35 miles from Los Angles and 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Book signing event at Barnes & Noble.
Newport Beach, California (copyright Marge Bitetti)